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How can Safe-Trac Grooving help increase the safety of your facility by reducing slips and falls?

By applying our circle or tile pattern grooves in areas where the concrete may become wet or oily/greasy from machines we can give your employees and forklifts the traction they need to operate.

Where can your grooves be applied?

We cut the grooves into existing concrete and produce them anywhere there is a traction concern. Our machines can get into very tight areas and around equipment.

Is there any downtime for the area you are grooving?

In most cases your employees are able to continue their work while we are grooving the nearby area. There is very little dust and low decibel noise.

Is there any dust or does it leave the floor messy?

No, we dry cut the grooves in the existing floor with our electric driven equipment. The machine has a powerful vacuum attached and eliminates all dust.

How many square feet can be done per hour?

Our production rates depend on the type of concrete and area we are grooving but typically around 100 to 150 sq ft per hour.

How long does the grooves last?

The grooves are a permanent solution to slippery concrete floors.

How deep are the grooves?

To get effective traction we do not need to go very deep. We usually cut 1/16 of an inch deep or less. We can cut deeper at the customer requests.


What can Safe-Trac Grooving do to prevent my cows from slipping on concrete and getting injuries?

By texturing or grooving your slippery cow yards and aisles you can improve your bottom line by preventing injuries, having higher heat detections, and improving hoof health by preventing white line lesions.

Can you cut a large groove for alley scraper cables down the center of each alley?

Yes. We can cut grooves for alley scrapers, whether they use cables or chains. The depth and width can be set up to meet your needs.

Why do you cut grooves deeper than other grooving companies?

Our machines are sized to handle ½ inch-deep cuts as to give the grooves a longer life.

What are the dimensions and spacing of the grooving?

The depth and width can be set up to your specific needs. The most common are ¾ inch to 1 inch wide and ½ inch deep. The spacing from center of groove to center of groove is 3 ½ inches.

What is the added benefit of diamond grooving over straight grooving?

Diamond pattern grooves are used to give slippery concrete additional “multi-directional” traction. This provides animals greater overall traction in every direction.

How close can you get to the edge of a wall with the grooving and texturing machines?

With both machines we can get as close as 6 inches from a wall.

How long does a job take?

Our texturing machines can do approximately 2,000 sq. ft / hour and our grooving machines are just over 1,000 sq. ft / hour, minimizing any disruption we have on your livestock.

What does a client need to do to prepare the slippery concrete to be grooved?

For both grooving and texturing we only need to have the area scraped clean. There is no need to have the area hosed down. The grooving does require a water hydrant in the area but we have plenty of hose to accommodate any distance.