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Commercial & Industrial

Circular & Tile Grooving

At Safe-Trac Grooving we help to provide a safe work environment by applying grooves on concrete flooring to increase traction. With our grooves being effective for both people and forklift traffic there are many different areas of your facility that could be grooved. Please contact us today to see how we can improve the safety in your workplace.

Grooving features

  • Installed on EXISTING floors and walkways
  • Ideal for wet or greasy floors
  • Reduces accidents from slips and falls
  • Our anti slip grooving pattern is ideal for pedestrian
    walk ways in tight spaces or forklift traffic.
  • No Mess! Grooves can be produced with no
    water or slurry mess to clean up.
  • Sharp concrete grooves that remain square and
    strong indefinitely.
    Inexpensive compared to other flooring options

Grooves offer effective traction control for both pedestrian and forklift traffic on wet or slippery concrete floors. The grooves are a permanent solution, durable and they keep their effectiveness over time. Apply the grooves around machines, work stations, loading dock areas or anywhere there is wet or oily concrete or tile.

Grooving Applications

grooving can be applied in many applications where increased traction is needed.

  • Industrial areas, loading docks, machining, food processing, warehouses
  • Wet Interior areas in restaurants, locker rooms, store fronts or refrigerated spaces
  • Outdoor walkways, ramps, swimming areas

Shot Blasting

Safe-Trac Grooving expertly implements concrete resurfacing and concrete preparation services. We achieve this through preparing the concrete for the application of overlays and epoxy, as well as epoxy removals.

The equipment we utilize is a B.W. Manufacturing 1600 Shot Blaster. The 16-inch wide blast path offers high productivity and quality results. The even blast profile consistently hits overlapping areas, eliminating the “zebra stripe” effect. Our equipment maintains an even finish across the concrete surface, ensuring the clean, professional look that is expected in today’s commercial space. Make sure your business gives the best first impression with a precision treatment from Safe-Trac Grooving!

With varying media sizes and speeds of the machine we can achieve any level of Concrete Surface Preparation (CSP) desired. The 1600 is equipped with a powerful 2300 CFM vac system that ensures the collection and safe disposal of all dust.

For situations that require heavier removal, our scarification attachment is also available for the 1600.

Do you already know what you’re doing and just need the equipment to get it done?  Well lucky for you, our Shot Blaster is also available for rent!  We make the process as painless as possible for you by dropping off the Shot Blaster and trailer when you need it and coming back to pick it up when you’re all done!  These rentals are serviceable throughout the Midwest region we conduct business in – Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.  Rental rates are available on a daily or weekly basis.

Grooving options

Circle Grooving

Square Cut Grooving

Straight Diamond Saw Cuts

Shot Blasting

Floor texturing

Here is a comparison photo showing the difference between a section of concrete that has been lightly blasted (right) and a section that has not yet been treated (left).  For more information on recent Shot Blasting projects we’ve done, check out our “Recent Project Pictures” page or Contact Us with any questions.


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