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Dairy & Agricultural

Dairy & Agricultural Solutions

Safe-Trac Grooving offers two solutions to prevent agricultural animal injury and maintain hoof health. We service all states. If you are located outside of our current service area and are interested in our services, we are willing to travel throughout the US for certain jobs. Please Contact Us for further details.

Concrete Grooving

If you’re looking for improved animal traction, high-quality barn floor grooving ensures these results. We know the importance of reliable flooring! Our straight and criss cross cuts offer the necessary traction animals need and help the farmer improve their bottom line.

Straight Diamond Saw Cut:
Cuts concrete grooves that remain square and effective over the years as the concrete wears down. Uses diamond saw blades aligned together to create a 1″ wide groove, 1/2″ deep and 3 1/2″ on center. Increased longevity with our grooves cut deeper than many other grooving companies. No Mess! Straight Cut creates slurry that can be easily cleaned with your next flush or scraping. We can typically do over 1,000 square foot an hour.

Criss Cross Diamond Saw Cut:
Adds a second cut through the straight cut creating a diamond shape Provides greater animal traction than a straight cut. Ideal for high traffic areas and multi-directional areas.

Concrete Texturing

Texturing is another method we use for creating a non-slip surface for animals. It is especially beneficial in areas and alleys where older grooves have become ineffective. Carbide cutters placed on a rotating drum rotate to create a “corduroy pattern” approximately 1/8″ deep. The end result is an area that gives the animals the confidents to walk on without slipping no matter the direction they are walking. Our machine has a powerful vacuum built in it which makes the process dustless so the animals to be in the same barn we are working in. We can typically do 2000 square foot an hour.


Criss Cross




Just a few of the common questions we get about our services, please contact us for more information

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